Financial Aid

Financial Aid & Scholarships

The founder David believes students from all economic backgrounds should have the opportunity to attend the Smart Coding School. Finances should not be a barrier to getting a world-class computer science education. This is the right place for you to explore grants, discount, and potential scholarships that help make paying for computer science education as affordable as possible.

Note: Smart Coding School is the first private coding school providing financial aid for the low-income family to attend teenage coding classes and summer camps.

Washington State Low-income Family Financial Aid

Half tuition fee waived for all courses and summer camps at Smart Coding School.
Who is eligible?
1. The household income of the family where the student live is lower than or equal to the number in the following chart based on the size of household.
The data source: Washington state 2019 low income chart
Number in HouseholdAnnual Household Income

2. The student desires to learn computer science but not pushed by parents.
3. The student must be a U.S. citizen or a green card holder
4. The student must be a Washington State resident (live in Washington state at least 1 year)

Deadline: No financial aid application is accepted for 2022.

How to apply the low-income family financial aid?
Please email all documents to for the consideration of the financial aid.
1. Provide a copy of last year household tax return which contains the student.
2. Provide a copy of the student's U.S. passport or U.S. green card or U.S. birth certificate to prove the visa status or the citizenship.
3. Provide a copy of one utility bill containing a household member's name on tax return to prove the residency (e.g., electricity, phone, or water) covering a one year period.
4. Provide a personal statement.
The personal statement needs to be written by the student who apply for the financial aid.
The eligible candidiate's personal statement will explain:
1. Why the student wants to learn computer science,
2. How the student contributes to the diversity of computer science community at Smart Coding School,
3. The willing to be a teaching assistant volunteer later at Smart Coding School to promote the computer science education in the community.

USA Computing Olympiad Scholarship

$10 for silver, $20 for gold, $50 for platinum, $100 for USACO Finalists.
Who is eligible?
1. The student who attended USACO training camps at Smart Coding School.
2. No constrain of the resident status.
3. Each level only can be accepted once life time.

Open: July 1st, 2020
Deadline: Oct 1st, 2020

How to apply the USA Computing Olympiad Scholarship?
1. Email the screenshot of current level with your name to to provide a proof of eligibility.


Each class or camp will have maximum 2 financial-aid seats.
We reserve the rights to determine the eligibility of the financial aid and scholarships at Smart Coding School. To learn more information about the financial aid, please email